The Write Laine

12573965_1290712327612271_3259848056311722113_nJesus Hearted Woman
Positivity. Learner. Woo. Connectedness. Includer.

Juggling OFW and campus ministry life and everything in between.

I am a young at heart campus minister in progress coming from a beautiful country, the Philippines. Currently based in a beautiful land which is blessed with only two seasons, hot and cold, the United Arab Emirates.

I am gifted with words and time. My aim is to always follow Jesus as He leads me through this beautiful life going to nations and to the ends of the earth, one at a time. He is my Abba, my Lover, my Savior, my Lord and my Best friend.

Former Finance Analyst. Current Academic Secretary at a medical university and Administrative Assistant at Every Nation Campus.

A friend to many, a sister to four, a daughter to two loving parents but for the audience of the One true King.


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