25 years

10 Things to be thankful for hitting my silver year in life:

  1. Thank You Lord I’m still alive, active and breathing! #needisaymore
  2. Prayers. Prayers that were uttered to me personally, publicly and privately. Seriously, I get “kilig” when someone prays for me and yes, I am receiving all words of blessing that were uttered and will be uttered.
  3. Good health. Though really trying to have a healthy life style by eating the right food, getting enough sleep and all others, I’m thankful that I haven’t been in a hospital bed or emergency room for decades already.
  4. My Family in PH  and Dad in Qatar and their well-being. Living away from them seemed to be normal, though I miss them a lot but hearing that they are always well eases the homesickness.
  5. TIME. I thank the Lord for gifting me with time and with this gift I could show His love to others by sharing whatever time I have while we all go by in this life. #QualityTimeKnows
  6. LOVE. For me time and words are love most of the time, but yes who wouldn’t receive it in any other forms right? I am not choosy with this and our God kept on lavishing us in His own ways to tell us He loves us individually. Love received, love to be given.
  7. PEACE. Peace that came from the Lord and not of the world, that no matter how cruel life could be, His peace will still dawn you, and who wouldn’t be thankful for that.
  8. Spiritual Family. My Lighthouse fam in PH, my Pastors, my leaders, my Victory and ENCampus family in UAE. I couldn’t imagine life without them in the ministry where I am currently called at. They make life easier.
  9. FOOD&SLEEP. Food in my table. Food in places I go. Sleeping 6-8hours daily. Thank God for providing! 🙂 #FoodandTulogIsLife
  10. Lastly but the greatest of these, is my relationship with Jesus! He is the reason to celebrate this milestone. Looking back at my imperfect life, He is the greatest reason of my existence. He is the sole reason why I am where I am today. Everything is made for Him and by Him through Him.

This list could go endless but I’m gonna keep it this few for now. If you’ll just look around and not focus on the not-so-beautiful, you’ll realize that there are a lot or there are more than enough to be thankful for.

To more adventures and another 25 and more years, all for His Name and His glory!


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