That Guy To That Man

An open letter to the men of today.

When will be the right time?
When will you have the right reason to choose?
When will you make a choice?
When will you stop being “that guy” among the crowd of worldly men and start being “that man” God called you to be?
When will it be enough for you to man up and get your acts together?

     ‘Cause we simply just don’t get it. It will never be healthy getting along with women, being comfortable with them, treating them like princesses, initiating long conversations with them and at the end of the day, you still weren’t able to make a choice who to pray for because you feel that you’re not ready, financially stable or even spiritually mature.

     If you are thinking that “considering/praying for someone” is equated to “being married” right away, let me enlighten you, those things are far apart. It takes time, prayers and endless pursuit. You pray because you wanted to know the will of God, and if along the way God would say no, then that’s the purpose of praying and then at least you did not confuse someone of your intentions of knowing that person. But if God would allow it to blossom, then let it be. It will always be a win-win when it comes to the will of God.

     Stop being afraid cause you wanted to be financially stable first. No man has ever been. God wanted Adam to be a man first before being a provider. Why? Cause God already provided everything before even he breathe his first. We get by each day because God never fails to provide. Yes, we know, you wanted to give the best. But Christ already did that for us, and you, young man, just also have to accept and recognize that God would strengthen you as he has been providing for you. That God has already gone ahead of you. That obedience to God comes first before the provisions.

     Lastly, spiritual maturity takes a lifetime. We all are a work in progress. Being able to man up, choosing a woman to pray for and asking her from God, clearing your intentions in your blossoming friendship with her, is already a sign of spiritual maturity for us.

     Let God be God and recognize His work each day. Stop being self-reliant and trust God. Make that move and see the hands of God move too. Pray for your heart. Pray for her heart. Talk to your leaders. Tell her your intentions. And ask God the direction together.

     Man up, young man! Don’t be too hard on yourself letting wonderful women of God pass by through your lifetime just because you’ve felt you are not yet enough. God is with you and that alone is enough.

P.S. We don’t bite, promise! 


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