Last Nov. 15, 2016 I finally gave in to the rest God was prompting me to have. The rest from everything that are in my hands. The uncluttering moment of my mind and soul.

     This was no easy thing for me. Being active in all communication platforms as a minister takes really great courage to unplug and disconnect with the world and try to be in tune with God, our first Love. There were worries like, what if someone is in need of my prayers? Or what if someone would try to contact me for important and ministry related things? But our God knows us better than ourselves. He knows when our souls need some filling in.

     And it was so refreshing! God reaffirmed some promises. Some prophecies. Here are few of His Word that I hope would serve as an encouragement too with you all.

Joshua 1 NLT

Isaiah 25 NLT

     God even touched areas where I have not been focusing on lately cause I am currently focused on career growth,

     “The man you have been waiting for, is a man of integrity, in him you will find no deceit. He will protect you from gossips and all. He will be someone who would look at you in a way that other men did not. You will have my best, someone you deserve and deserves you as well. Just continue obeying Me for I have already gone ahead of things for you.”

Who will not cry rivers for this, right?

When was the last time God tap you and said, “My child, come into my presence, disconnect from the things that has been bothering you. I miss you.” and you responded, removing all the worries, giving what God wanted, your heart, without any second thoughts, without any hesitations?…

     I encourage everyone right now to check our hearts from time to time. To listen to that still small voice who calls us, who wanted an intimate relationship with us, who wanted not our ministry works, our achievements, our goals, our dreams but rather who wanted us to come as who we truly are. Go disconnect from time to time to connect our souls with our Maker. Find our satisfaction in Him alone. Focus on the eternal things.

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” – John Piper




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