Four Years And A Half

To the husband who is soon to be named,

     My love, it has been four years and a half since I started writing love letters and intentionally praying for you.

     As I look back from that day of May 12, 2012. In my deep content with my relationship with our Saviour, He did remind me that one day, I won’t be facing all these battles in life alone. That there would be a time that we would be a cord of three strands fighting the good fight of faith. That I would be sharing the burdens and the cost of someone called in God’s ministry.

     Today, I remembered you once again. Four years and a half may seemed to be like yesterday only but the molding and the hands of God in the life He entrusted me would make me realize that He is still working in my heart to prepare the way of His plans for me, for us. And I wouldn’t mind to count more until He says.

     Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever in the world you are at, at this very moment, my prayers are with you. Your growth with God, your growth in faith, the guarding of your heart, the battles you face, remember that God is with you always and someone on the other side of your world is praying for you.

     I’ll see you soon, my love.



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