“Healthy sense of limitation is essential.” –a Facebook comment

     This morning I came across reading that statement coming from a comment conversation of theologians. It did took my attention and I began thinking its profound meaning and made me pondering on its practical life application too.

As humans, limitations could do two both extremes:

  1. Motivate

     Limitation does motivate an individual to go beyond what he could do in order to fill the feeling of “not being enough” or “not being able”. Some continuously study so that their knowledge of something or Someone won’t be limited. Innovations are also proof of discontentment on product limitations and inventions break the limits of existing ones.

and on the other side, it would simply,

2. Limit

     Limitations could really cripple something or someone from doing things. When recognized, limits could put wall from a place to another, a season to another, and someone to his further growth. Some just simply accept the fact that he/it “just can’t”.

     Having these ideas, it did make me ask God — why? I mean, I am not questioning why He made things that way rather I am asking what do we get from being limited. What’s in it that God wants us to learn and what does He wanted to show?

     Being limited as humans simply show and reflect that we are created to be in need of our Creator. The God we serve did not just simply created us, humans, without plans for interacting with His creations.

     Every limitation that we recognize in any aspect of our lives shows us that we are recipient of grace and favor coming from our One True source: God. Every time we go beyond our limits, we knew that it wasn’t by our own strength and abilities.

     Every limitation on the things we are not supposed to do gives God the space to be God. In our relationship with Him, trusting Him to be in control of any situation and recognizing He is sovereign does not end but begins on giving Him the Lordship over it. It would really take a lot of courage and humility.

So let us always keep in mind and know in our hearts that limitations when recognized are really reminder of God’s existence, our need of Him and His omniscience. They make us humble enough and the first-hand witnesses of His grace, favor and mercy over the things we go beyond and the things we should let go, for we are limited beings created by the limitless God.



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