Singapore 🇸🇬

This blog entry is about the first country I was blessed to visit outside the Philippines.

     Nov. 1, 2014 was my first time to travel (cause I had to, for immigration purposes in PH so that I’ll be able to go to UAE without any hassle) and Singapore is well-known for having the best airport and one of the cleanest country one could visit. Who wouldn’t be excited, right?

     I could still recall how I “Wow-ed” almost every moment, after I set my foot on Changi Airport, aside from it is my first time it did even exceed my expectation being the world’s best. Excellence is what they show and give to any tourist or even for the locals of the land.

     This country is blessed not just because of excellent services they provide anywhere but their discipline which I believe is rooted from their love for the country. And yes, I did pray, hoping someday, somehow, my beloved country would also have such people who really would love our land.

    The locals and tourists abide to laws, even the simplest ones like keeping candy wrappers in your bag if there’s no trash bin around. They abide to any rule said by tour guides and at the back of my mind I whispered, “Oh! that’s it, why can’t we do this everywhere we go, right?”, praying that I would also be able to adapt such discipline to the place where I am about to go.

     Singapore is such a beautiful country. Like here in UAE, many overseas workers serve the land despite having high cost of living. Even I would love to serve that country someday.

     I was again blessed to visit and wander in the city, solo, last July and August 2015. Will update this blog with photos of the place.

     Indeed, Singapore proved to me that there’s really what we call “love at first sight”.



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