Prophecy & Confirmation

     Last Oct. 29, 2016 we had a surprise birthday/send-off party for our Couples’ Ministry Heads of Victory Ajman.

      I almost did not make it to the event cause I’ve been out since Friday early morning for ministry errands, worship services, overnight, third-wheeling duties and ENC services. But I knew it was God’s plan for me to be there and receive His prophecy and encouragement from the couple we are about to send off to another country.

     The wife told me to stay for few minutes after their photo opts cause the Lord did impress something on her for me. So, okay, this got me excited despite the exhaustion I felt that night.

I was not able to record so these are not the exact words but this was how the message went:

“.. Sometimes I would wonder how do you feel whenever you are with those couples. And I see a strong character of a woman who camouflaged in each personality. The Lord sees your heart, your every effort. Minsan akala mo (Sometimes you would think) your part is insignificant but you have played an important role dun sa mga couples to be na ‘yon (to those soon-to-be couples). Your role could have made or break the relationships between the four but God provided you with so much grace. Just keep on pursuing God, you have a strong personality and character that even young children look at you, the way you conduct yourself, the way you’ve set yourself as an example. And God will provide someone you deserve and he deserves you as well. (YES, BIG AMEN TO THIS. Haha!) And as you wait, keep the purity, keep your ways pure, be encouraged, don’t go for short cuts, don’t waver your faith and be excited. Kwentuhan mo kami pag dumating na siya ah (Share to us your testimony when he comes).”

And this was a confirmation during my quiet time with God a week before, as He affirmed me and reminded me why He has kept me waiting this long, cause you know, NBSB!

“Someday, someone will look at you, appreciate you and see you the way any other man did not, anak (my daughter).” – God

     Who will not tear up when God tells you those beautiful words of affirmation during times that your emotions almost get ahead of you, right?

     The beauty of waiting is priceless, young woman. Enjoy each moment you hear from God. His promises will never fail you, rather it would really exceed your expectations. Remember, His best is far different on how we had perceive things.

     Truly, God sees each and every little things we do even if sometimes it feels senseless. No matter what aspect in your life that is, He sees you. Don’t ever think or don’t ever let the enemy inject thoughts that God has forgotten your story already, because our God never will.

Kaya Mahal, kung nasaan ka man, kapit lang, I’ll see you soon!


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