Your Ezer Kenegdo

Dear the one,

     As I patiently wait for the Lord I hope you’ll mature that each God-given marriage is unique and you just have to pray with your eyes open, ask God and obey whatever He says.

     I’m not really someone you would simply want or need rather I’d be your “sustainer beside” or “your of equal strength”.

     I would be your Eve that God took part of your rib not to make you incomplete in my absence but to complete His work in us together. That relationships are not just do’s and don’ts, who’s superior or under but a partnership that walks alongside each other doing whatever God intends them to do.

     As we continue each race separately, I know God is drawing us nearer until He would let us see. I know you are being molded as a good leader who follows and loves Jesus more than anything else. And when I see you, I would really just know because of your heart and His peace that comes along.

Your Ezer Kenegdo


(Mar. 29, 2016)


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