Out of “The Comfort Zone”

It has been two years.

I can still vividly recall that moment. Emotions that had gone haywire. It was nerve-wracking yet exciting. My heart was grieving but I had peace.

     Being a daughter of an OFW, airport scenes maybe usual for me as a person, being left by our father to work overseas every after his vacation leaves end, from childhood to being a young professional, I never had thought of leaving my country at that early age. A day where roles were suddenly switched in the picture. I was then about to be the one leaving my mom and my siblings to a country where in I knew no one except my college friend who God blessed to be in UAE before me so that my fears could somehow be lessened.

     I was only 22 by then and was trying to build my career in my home country where I had spent my life from birth until that very day. The country where I met Jesus and where I am passionately serving His Kingdom. I was contented, trying to draft plans for my future self while trying to hear every instruction coming from God. And it was really never my plan to resign work cause I had just moved to my second company after graduating college and I was still adjusting to the new environment I was at, but then, God intervened. I was hesitant, the enemy started to inject fears and worries, but His call was so strong, His Word consumed me to embrace the peace He was giving along with series of confirmations from His Word and the people He had placed in my life which I believe have significant role in my walk with God.

It was not just getting out of a part of my comfort zone. It was getting out of my comfort zone as a whole. I never had left home. I was never away from my parents except for few days going to overnight, camps and retreats. I never changed church since I got saved. I had never gone out of the Philippines. I never had lived all by myself. But all these were set aside by God’s peace which really transcended any understanding I had at that moment.

     Looking back, I could still not think of any other source for strength, provision, endurance, patience and peace apart from our Almighty God, our Abba, no one else but Jesus. I was able to embrace and accept those painful homesickness, special occasions that includes Christmases, New Year’s celebrations, birthdays, wedding of a close relative or friend, a death of a loved one and any other simple gathering which I’ve always wanted to be at, that I keep on missing even until this day and maybe in the years to come.

     It was God’s Word and His call that enabled me to be where I am today to fulfill His purpose in my life. It was really only by His unending grace that I was able to do each and every instruction that I keep on receiving. It is by His hopes and mercies that He supplies each morning that I am able. And so, Jesus, His Word and His will, will also be the same source of provisions in any aspect of my life to continue this journey, out of “the comfort zone”.

     And yes, from the Metro-East of the Philippines to United Arab Emirates in the Middle-East,

two years it has been,

…and counting.


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